About Us

Dear Visitor,

We are happy to welcome you in our store of proper and tasty products NEWA Nutrition! 

Who are we working for?

For you, Dear Women, aspired to perfection! We are eager to help you to become either an efficient employee at work or caring wife and mother at home at the same time staying gorgeous, always young, active and easy going.

For you, Dear Men, who adore but cannot eat your favorite heavy and sweet food being anxious about saturated fats and fast carbs.

For all of you – for your families and friends, who need your care because paying attention to what you eat and trying to eat healthy is the best way to show your love, care and concern.

In today’s fast moving world, we suffer from rapid speed of megapolis with its traffic jams and busy working days when we do not even have time for normal lunch. That is why we are glad to offer you low calories desserts, healthy snacks and drinks as well as sport meals which raise the tone of your life, promote fat burning and make your life healthy and enjoyable.

We believe that with our products your way to perfection and good health becomes simple and pleasant rather than complicated and hard. Healthy eating is nice and easy!

Yours cordially,

Anna Semyonova, PhD in Technical Sciences, Company Founder, Product Creator

Khurshed Sanginov, Company Founder and Inspirer, Head of the US Office

Ravshan Rakhimov, NEWA Nutrition Representative in the USA