About Us

Nowadays everywhere there is too much sugar and saturated fats – they are everywhere in drinks, sauces, meat products, pastries, sweets. Their excess leads to overweight, diabetes and insulin resistance. What to do? Do not eat desserts at all? But this is a limitation and decline in the quality of life. But, eating sweets is a pleasure! We could make such desserts that would not be harmful, but useful for our body. Our products are very healthy.

NEWA NUTRITION products are based on the principles of proper nutrition. The primary task that we solve is a general decrease in calorie content and a change in the composition of desserts and pastries to a completer and more high-quality one. We replace fast carbohydrates – sugar, wheat flour with more useful complex carbohydrates – oatmeal, wheat and oat bran, and enrich the products with full-bodied digestible protein-milk, egg. Protein gives the body a sense of fullness, metabolism improves, you eat desserts, but at the same time you are saturated, it tastes good and sweet.
All our products do not contain added sugar and have a minimum saturated fat content. Our products are simple and easy to prepare, for their preparation you just need to add water, mix and bake. They open up space for creativity and creation. We have a whole community of people who make amazing desserts using our mixes – Napoleon cake, honey cake, Raffaella candies, custard cakes.
When we create our products, they go through many stages – a combination of ingredients, formulation development, calculation of needs and degree of satisfaction in certain food substances. Then we try them what and modify them, change some components, dosages. It must be tasty and certainly useful! Then the products goes under appropriate tests for quality and safety indicators.
Be healthy and happy! And we will take care of what you eat!

Yours cordially,

Anna Semyonova, PhD in Technical Sciences, Company Founder, Product Creator

Khurshed Sanginov, Company Founder and Inspirer, Head of the US Office

Ravshan Rakhimov, NEWA Nutrition Representative in the USA