About Us

Healthy Alternatives, Tastebud-Approved

These days, everything from drinks and sauces to meat products and pastries are packed with sugar and saturated fats. Unfortunately, the alternatives are typically restrictive and limiting for those that truly love to eat. Our founder, Khurshed Sanginov, recognized the need to make changes in their diet, but couldn’t find anything in the store that could help them lead the healthier lifestyle they wanted. Instead, they decided to make everything themselves and Newa Nutrition was born.

We utilize proper nutrition principles and focus on healthy alternatives to create recipes and mixes with just as much delicious flavor as the unhealthy big box store options. In our lab, we have developed high-quality products full of useful complex carbohydrates and full-bodied digestible proteins instead of added sugars, saturated fats, and high calorie counts. In the end, our Keto and Diabetic-friendly creations were born in February of 2018 and have been satisfying hungry eaters ever since!

Our Process

Each of our products and mixes endure a rigorous development process to go from idea to reality. We carefully analyze and combine ingredients, calculate nutritional data, and formulate flavors so everything can taste irresistible and give your body the healthy components it needs each day. After thoroughly taste-testing everything, we will tweak ingredients and ratios to make sure everything is tasty and safe for all our health-conscious eaters out there!

Our Mission

At Newa Nutrition, we strive to help make the world a healthier place. Through our recipes, mixes, and ready-made products, we aim to provide nutritionally dense foods and make them easily accessible to everyone. When cooking becomes quick and easy, we know that you’ll choose to make the healthy choice with Newa Nutrition every time.