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Do you know that alcohol is high in calories? For example, average amount of kilocalories is: 45 in beer, 70-120 in wine, 200-230 in tequila, 80-100 in champagne, 220 in vodka, 200-250 in rum. Alcohol contains so-called “empty calories” without any nutrition value. After consumption of alcohol, it rapidly gets absorbed into stomach and small intestine, its calories go to fulfillment the body’s requirements for energy, and about 5% can be stored within your body as fat. It means that calories from the food you eat are burned after the ones from the alcohol drink.

Your average kilocalorie intake is 280 after a couple of glasses of wine, 230 after a glass of beer, 220 after 100 grams of vodka. The more you eat, the more calories you take in. Moreover, alcohol stimulates appetite, as a result you eat more. Thus, you can easily eat one or even two daily amounts of food during the evening. What can you do? Do not forget that alcohol is high in calories. In order to consume less amount of alcohol, dilute it. You can mix whiskey with soda and ice, rum with lemon.

The important thing is to dilute alcohol with unsweetened soft fizzy drinks. For example, you get 80 kilocalories per 100 grams, in gin and tonic while 100 kilocalories in mojito. Drink water in between alcoholic drinks, dilute alcohol with water, and above all – the key point is to know when to stop.

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