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After holidays with fatty and substantial meals and before you start unloading days you should come back to you regular menu. You should not reduce sharply the amount of food you eat, limiting your meals by apples and kefir only. Unloading day does not mean starvation. For sure, the daily amount of calories gets lower (350-600 kcal), but you should eat 4-6 times a day small portions of food.

You can eat such products as lean meat and fish (chicken, turkey, white fish) and seafood, as well as unsweetened fruits (apples, citrus, pineapple and etc.) not more than 1 kilogram/2lb3oz per day or all the vegetables except for potato.

As to drinks, water, mineral water, unsweetened green tea or infusions (for example, dog rose) can be fine. Try to drink a daily amount of liquids and keep in mind that most of it you should intake till 4 p.m. since most of the water gets absorbed till this time.How often can you have unloading days? It is hard to give a certain answer since people stand unloading in different way. It directly depends on your weight and general unloading regime – if you do it once after holidays or keep doing every month on regular basis. Usually the recommended regime can be 1-2 days every week. There is no point to make it more often since your body can switch to saving regime. Feel your body and assess your own feelings because you build your body yourselves!

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