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Food supplements are substances used for production of food to give it special qualities. All the supplements are included into the special list and are indicated with letter E and digits. In Russia food supplements are used according to the special regulations. These regulations include the list of all the supplements can be used for food production, its maximum amount in each product as well as quality and safety requirements.

Supplements can be different: flavor enhancers, colorants, emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives, foaming agents. Each has its own function – to make particular consistence or color, etc. However, many people believe that all the ingredients marked with index “E” are harmful. Nevertheless, commonly used baking soda or lemon acid are marked with the index “E” as well, not only karboksi-metil-celuloza or mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids which are safe by the way.

All the supplements included into the regulations are approved for use and safe for health. But it is necessary to remember that the total use of particular supplements, for example, preservatives, must be limited. If you eat many products with preservatives during the day, you can exceed the recommended daily limit and make harm to your body. The famous Russian proverb says: one drop acts as medicine, whereas a cup can be poison. Remember this and do not forget to read the labels!

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