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The term “Functional Nutrition” first appeared in80-s in Japan and related to food. Such kind of nutrition is not only to provide your body with essential substances (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals). It is also rich in various ingredients making good influence on our immunity, digestion, resistance to harmful impact of environment. Such products are made to secure and make our health better.What products are functional?

They are supposed to be rich in functional substances making positive influence on human body. For instance, dairy products such as yoghurt, kefir with prefix “bio“. All of them contain probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms that make beneficial effects on intestine microflora as well as improve digestion and health in general. As a result, taking these dairy products, in addition to proteins, carbs and fats, you supply your body with lacto-, bifido- and propionic acid bacteria that make antibacterial effect and improve your immunity. One more example is products with prebiotics. Prebiotics is a nutritional environment for probiotics.

That is to say, taking these products you supply healthy microflora of your intestine with food. An example of prebiotics can be inulin, polysaccharide, got from chicory.Functional nutrition can be used as an alternative to medical therapy if applied correctly proper products are chosen carefully.

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