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Guar and Xanthan Gum are natural polysaccharides related to consistency stabilizers made from natural plant raw materials. Guar gum is produced from fruit of Indian Acacia, while xanthan gum is a result of starch fermentation. These supplements are completely safe and approved for food production. Moreover, they can do good for your health. These products work as “body cleaners” since it is not absorbed by the intestines but at the same time remove toxins and radionuclides. Due to this useful characteristic they are also able to reduce cholesterol level in blood, and make a good impact on metabolism. Guar and Xanthan help to decrease appetite and improve calcium assimilability.

These products are added to food in order to give density and viscosity. For instance, it helps to avoid crystals in ice cream while freezing. In fact, guar and xanthan gum work like gelatin, but natural and beneficial. It is healthy and useful.

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