Sugar-Free Condensed Milk Mix

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Our super delicious Condensed Milk boasts wonderful taste & versatility. Stir a spoonful into coffee or tea, pour it over berries, ice cream or cake. Can be used as a cup-for-cup alternative for dairy condensed milk. Great with Coffee Tea Dessert and Cooking Baking. Creamy texture, vanilla flavor and unconditionally tasty. Made with all-natural products. Give strength due to the high protein and complex carbohydrates. No artificial flavors added – Choose healthy alternative to ordinary foods. No artificial flavors, no added sugars, no gluten, no hormones and BPA free.


 Skimmed milk powder, pectin, sweeteners, (stevioside, sucralose), nature – identical flavors. 

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  1. Avery

    Add water, stir and enjoy the right dessert! Delicious, easy and simple. Cooking does not require any additional products, you just need to add water and mix with a mixer or blender.

  2. Madison

    To taste, this is also not quite condensed milk in the usual sense, but it is very similar, and very sweet. It’s amazing how a sugar-free product can be so sweet. The composition and nutritional value are especially pleasing.

  3. Poline

    I love sweets very much, and condensed milk is the taste of childhood for me. I was happy to find this product, because it is healthy and does not contain sugar! Now I eat my favorite pancakes with this condensed milk and do not harm my health and figure, despite the fact that this condensed milk has the same taste as what I ate as a child! It is very tasty, so I will order it regularly.

  4. Liz

    Oh my Cheezits! This product is FABULOUS! I purchased through Amazon and I am so glad I did. I only wish there were some videos available in English or Portuguese.

  5. Alla Michael (verified owner)

    Well, I was expecting something very tasty.
    Easy to make. Unfortunately all 3 packages goes to the garbage.
    Very unusual aftertaste. May be it is sugar substitute which I do not like🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. VICTORIA LETRINH (verified owner)

    In my experience with 3 tries, it was very hard to dissolve and mix. All 3 times, my mix turned out to be very clumpy. I tried 3 different temperatures each try, cooler, and hotter than warm water and still, it was very hard to mix. Can’t use the product at all because of all the lumps. Large lumps mostly. I used the back of a spoon trying to flatten them but there were too much to do. Gave up.