Café Glacé

Ingredients (for 2 servings):
  • Water – 300 ml
  • Coffee (ground) – 20gr
  • Ice cream made of Newa Ice Cream Mix – 100 gr
For ice cream:
  • Milk – 75 gr
  • Newa Ice Cream – 25 gr
Cooking directions:

Make ice cream
  1. Pour milk into a bowl, add Newa mix.
  2. Mix during 5-7 minutes until incorporated.
  3. Pour the mix into the pan and put into freezer.
Active freezing regime would be highly preferable. Every 15 minutes take the mixture out of freezer and whip to thick cream. Keep your ice cream in the freezer for 40 minutes in total.

Make coffee
  1. Make regular espresso. Add your coffee and water to the ibrik (cezve). Slowly heat the coffee. Over a low flame, heat the coffee up to near-boiling.
  2. Strain the grounds out as you pour the coffee into a glass or cup.

Calories, Proteins, Fats and Carbs (210 ml): 106 / 15 / 0 / 8