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Sweeteners make special group of food substances with sweet flavor. Some of them are more sweet than their prototype – sugar, whereas the others are less. Sweeteners can be natural and synthetic. Natural are made from natural components while synthetic ones are made from the products of chemical synthesis. There are many viewpoints on sweeteners. Some people say that they have negative impact on the human body, carbohydrate exchange and cause cancer. But in fact sweeteners are not as scary, you just need to choose them carefully. I will tell about my favorite ones: sucralose and stevia.

Sucralose is a sweetener made from sugar, that is why it does not have any chemical smacks. Sucralose is absolutely safe, it is proved by numerous studies, held in different countries during at least 15 years. This sweetener is the most highly recommended by nutritionists. It does not contain glucose and is 600 times sweeter than sugar. 85% of sucralose leaves your body at once and 15% during the day.

Stevioside is a natural made from stevia plant. Leaves of this South American plant contain special substance – glycoside which imparts sweetness. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar, safe for your body and does not increase insulin level in blood.

Each sweetener has its own taste, different from regular sugar which is so common to our receptors. While making sugar free products it is important to choose sweeteners so that they most of all tasted like common sugar. We believe that combination of stevioside and sucralose is the best option, and you?

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