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Manufacturing Technology and sugar production includes following steps:

  1. Detachment of the dirt and stones from the beets;
  2. Shredding beet into flakes;
  3. Soaking beet flakes in a hot water in order to extract sugar syrup;
  4. Lime purification of sugar syrup with further acid processing;
  5. Getting utfel, crystallization of sugar;
  6. Separation of sugar and sugar syrup in centrifugal machine;
  7. Desiccation.
  8. And now let`s compare it with manufacturing technology of instant milk:
  9. Normalization of milk (mixing milk with different fat percentage to bring fat content to the standard level);
  10. Pasteurization (heating milk to a specific temperature for a set period of time in order to kill harmful bacteria);
  11. Condensation (evaporation);
  12. Condensed milk desiccation in special machines.

It is obvious that instant milk is the same as regular one without water whereas sugar is a product of deep processing of beet, and its whitening with lime. Ready-made sugar does not contain lime, since it is removed before sugar arrives for direct consumption. However, can we say that sugar is a natural product? Is it useful? Why some consumers are so negative in terms of powdered products being loyal to sugar which is everywhere, almost in all food we eat?

Thus, a modern consumer must pay attention first of all to healthfulness of a product regardless of its nature. As to deep processing, and technologies in food industry, there is nothing bad about it. Processing and technologies are normal phenomena in today`s world as well TV, smartphones and 3D printers. That is why, you should not be too conservative in terms of food. However, everyone has a choice and the most important thing is to make a correct choice based on trustful and accurate information.

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